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Vancouver New Year's Eve 2015 event planning

Live Events

Sherpa Group is a full service event marketing company operating in Vancouver, the Okanagan Valley and around the world.  We can help bring your live event from concept to completion.  Leveraging years of experience producing events for a few to a few thousand, we excel at clear and transparent communication.  We can help you reach your event goals with our production services including technical coordination, entertainment, design and decor, food and beverage and project management.  


Do you need someone to run your wedding plans to the finish line  and ensure the connection with your venue and vendors is seamless for you?

We offer month of, week of and day of wedding management.


Virtual Events

 Embrace the new direction of virtual and hybrid events.  As professionals in event marketing, Sherpa Group takes all the best engagement practices of live events and translate them into a variety of virtual, on-line events that break down the screen barrier with immersive techniques.  From an on-line conference, unique fundraising initiatives or promotional virtual events, we collaborate with you to meet your objectives.


Marketing and Media Management

 Does your event or marketing program need a "fresh set of eyes"?  Having worked with some of the top brands in Canada, Sherpa Group can leverage years of marketing and promotions experience to elevate your business profile through social media strategies, advertising, marketing and promotions.  Whether you are involved in events or not,  we can audit your website and marketing plan, maximize brand standards, assess tone and use a variety of communications strategies to help keep your business top of mind and successful. We also coach businesses and not for profits in best-in-class sponsorship practices and how to activate at an event. 

WE Charity gala fundraiser event planning 2017 (photo credit Vito Amani)

The Event Coach

 As The Event Coach, our Event Marketing Professional, Heather Sharpe, leverages her passionate, positive attitude to support you in the creation, planning and activation of your non-profit, corporate or community events anywhere in the world! Heather serves as a consultant to assist event teams in planning galas, retreats, conferences and corporate events. Whether you only need someone to make sure everything flows on your event day so that you can enjoy your guests, or you need a full partner to help you through the planning process, Heather offers a flexible and supportive option priced hourly based on Scope of Work to serve as a professional consultant to you and your events team. 


Speaking and Training

Are you looking to improve your event planning skills?   We  offer instruction and presentations, as well as support on such topics as:

  • "5 Things Sponsors Wish Event Planners Knew" 
  • "Event 101: Objectives, Themes, Budgets and the Critical Path to Success"


We are happy to be serving clients around the Okanagan, Vancouver or any where in the world our skills are needed.  

Our international connections and massive contact list brings together the resources and expertise you need to make your event a success.